The Grandia Weekly
Episode 12
May 26
Posted by Ben at 16:48

I need to get better at doing these, I've slacked off and now they're scraping being recorded rather than having the time they should.

Anyway, this week a bit of a shorter episode, and one located around Luc Village before heading off in to the Misty Forest

Next week will be a longer episode, and I think we might be heading to the end of the world. Which isn't as dramatic as it sounds, and maybe something will happen that delays our arrival there, but it should be the other end of Misty Forest.

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Posted by Mark at 17:41
Giant Sparrow have just released a trailer and some screens of What Remains Of Edith Finch, their next PS4 game.

The trailer- hat tip to Gematsu- shows you a few of the rooms of the Finch family home, which you'll explore initially as Edith, finding possessions from your family members, to unlock their rooms.

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Each family member gets their own story, with their own unique art style- and all ending in the death of the family member in question. So cheery stuff.

There'll be more at next month's E3, and the game's out next year.
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Posted by Ben at 17:18
Bit of a kick in the teeth this. There's as interesting a Humble Bundle as there's been in a long time on at the minute. It's a mix of WiiU and 3DS games, including the Indie Game of the Year nominee The Fall (Mighty Switch Force and Steamworld Dig are very good too). Pay what you want too, amazing

Except it's Americas only, we Europeans are grumble bundled (sorry)

It's not all bad news, actually it is, but it may not stay bad news forever. Damon Baker, licence man for Nintendo, has posted on Twitter explaining that they tried to make the deal worldwide, but alas it wasn't to be, however he's hopeful they'll get there eventually.

Whether that means we'll get in on this one I'm not sure, or especially hopeful, but perhaps the next time this comes about it will be more inclusive
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Posted by Ben at 17:00
We did a First Play video for Adventures of Pip a while back, and very promising it looked too

It's also due very soon, with the PC release dated for June 4th, and the WiiU version following not long after, on the 11th June. It's currently priced at 10.99 on Steam, I'm not sure if there'll be a reduced price for release, presumably there wont be on WiiU, but you would assume it will be 10.99 there too

Hopefully we'll have a review of one, if not both versions, and in the meantime our First Play video is below

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May 25
Posted by Ben at 10:36

I'm a week late with this really, if we want hits it should be about how Witcher 3 is terrible (it's not), or I should invite people to view its 10 best sex scenes. Instead I'm writing about Kickstarter a week or so after it was news again.

There was a prevailing logic that Kickstarter had... not run its course as such, more levelled out. The days of games receiving millions, capturing the zeitgeist had gone, now it was going to be for smaller scale stuff. It's easy to say now but that was never true, we'd just started to run out of franchises and developers with enough nostalgia built up. Off the top of my head I can only think of Yu Suzuki, Yuji Naka, and a handful of others who have the recognition and fondness to garner the attention that gets your game funded big. I maintain that Shenmue 3 would attract millions, whether that would be enough to get it made is another matter.

The two recent Kickstarter successes; Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Yooka-Laylee, both pull on that same nostalgia. The Banjo-Kazooie games might have passed me by, but a game by core Rare staff is going to get a lot of people excited. Personally I loved the DS 2d Castlevania games, I'm pretty sure I gave Order of Ecclesia our game of the year one year. A new one of those by Koji Igarashi, yes please.

Both Bloodstained and Yooka-Laylee have something else in common. They've got to capture their legacy without their legacy. Microsoft aren't about to hand over the Banjo rights, and Konami are more likely to fire the rights to Castlevania in to space than give customers what they want at the minute. It shouldn't be a problem, not really, but you can't help but have doubts. Maybe it's all the talk of a spiritual successor to Silent Hill, after all the nominative town is a huge part of that series, something that might be lost if your game isn't tied to the series. But then that shouldn't be a problem for Bloodstained, sure you lose the lore of the Belmonts, but that's something Igarashi had moved away from already with Order of Ecclesia.

It doesn't have to be a problem though. There's a very famous game series that had to cut ties with its past, with its name. The corpse of its old franchise still shambles along to this day, now taking the form of a mobile phone game. That game, Football Manager.

It must be 15 years since Sports Interactive abandoned the Championship Manager name, a hugely loved franchise at the time, striking out on their own (well, with Sega), and going from strength to strength. Their audience followed them, they were savvy enough, spread the word, and knew what they wanted. There's actually been some good Championship Manager games since, I feel a bit bad for the zombie comparison, but considering what the franchise was, to now being a raised eyebrow when you scroll past it on your phone's store is a sad state of affairs.

It's a state of affairs Konami, and to a lesser extent Microsoft, who I don't think have any intention of reviving Banjo, would do well to brace themselves for. I liked Lords of Shadow, framey as it was it was also a good 3d Castlevania game once it got going. The 3ds one less so, and while I liked Lords of Shadow 2, it was a mess and didn't leave people wanting more. You can't help but fear for the fates of some of these franchises. The sheer level of scorn that's going to greet the next Castlevania, and even without spiritual successors Silent Hill and Metal Gear, people will be falling over themselves to pull them apart.

All this being said however, I can't help feel some trepidation about these Kickstarter successors. With a sequel, for better or worse, developers are locked in to certain things, there's expectations about what the game will be. Who's to say the developers will see the same things as important as their fans, the small changes might be enough to alter the feel of the game.

Still it's better than nothing, and might even be better than what's gone before. It's at this point when writing about Kickstarter you usually clarify that you've backed something or other. I haven't, tempted as I was for Bloodstained, the far off release date was enough to remind me of my trepidations for the platform, but I'm glad other people are willing to spend money on Kickstarter, there's been a few decent games from it the past couple of years
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Posted by Ben at 18:43
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R is set to release on Steam next Tuesday (back to work day here in the UK) 26th May

For those a bit confused by the brace of Guilty Gear games imminently releasing, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R is a 2D version of the game, which originally came out on the Vita, PS3 and 360 (I think)

I can't say I've played Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R, although I do have some experience with the 2D Guilty Gear games, and they do feel a little snappier than Guilty Gear Xrd, or from what I remember. Pretty too

Any way, there's a trailer below

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Posted by Ben at 17:07
This looks a little more set in stone.

The interesting looking Lost Dimension, where you must work out who amongst your squad is a traitor by watching them in battle, talking to them... I've undersold this, I think we posted a trailer that made it look good

Anyway, Lost Dimensions will be out August 28th. It's not entirely dissimilar from something like Danganronpa in that it's a who-dunnit of sorts, only with srpg style combat. It also takes the novel approach that the traitor for each level is random, so you can't simply follow a guide all the way through the game.

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Posted by Ben at 07:34
There's a few asterisks in there. It's not an official date, and no one is exactly sure what we mean by "Europe" yet. Apparently there's been an issue before on PSN with Arc System Works games being locked out of local PSN stores across Europe.

Hopefully not, but regardless retailer Game has Guilty Gear Xrd listed, and according to this tweet tree it's dated for June 3rd

Like I said, a whole bunch of caveats. I've had a look at the Game listing myself and it's not got a date, so I'm not sure how accurate the twitter one is. That and it also appears to be download only, hence the preamble about PSN store issues across Europe.

For what it's worth I, and many other Europeans it seems, already bought Guilty Gear Xrd from the US store when it was cheap, cheaper than Game has those download codes listed for. I hope it all works out for those that buy it, and for Arc System Works, but as a genre fighting games tend to suffer from long delays, they're easy to manage when imported, and in these days of online the community has moved on
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Posted by Ben at 16:26
It doesn't show a huge amount, but it puts names to faces, and I'll be honest, I'm looking forward to Steins;Gate

Click below for the trailer that has a tv show/Persona look to it

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The Grandia Weekly
Episode 11
May 20
Posted by Ben at 16:11

A delayed Grandia Weekly this week. I had some fairly severe, and expensive, computer problems over the weekend, but never doubt my commitment to this project!

Not a great episode, I'll be honest, recorded late at night, I was a bit tired, not very chatty. However, we pass through Misty Forest, have a peek at Luc Village, before bracing for the worst at the top of the God of Light Mountain. All while wishing we could access our stored items and start dishing some magic out

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