Posted by James at 05:57
Finally. Despite it being a GBA launch title and nine months passing since Wii U's GBA virtual console service began, the cult spinning-helicopter-maze-navigation game is headed to Europe this Thursday.

Consider it a Christmas Present from Nintendo of Europe, then, and it certainly ranks up there with Drill Dozer and Tomato Adventure as one of Nintendo's best curios on the platform. It arrives alongside a hefty sale featuring indie, Ubisoft, Level-5 and Nintendo published titles, as well as the Virtual Console release of Duck Hunt, refitted to use the Wii Remote pointer rather than that light gun tech.

It must be noted that there's also a demo for this year's WRC on 3DS, which should hopefully signal the quality of Firebrand Games' latest. Will it fall into the GRID DS camp, or alongside Fast and Furious: Showdown?

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Posted by Mark at 20:36
That's also an interestingly jaunty angle the text's at, too.

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Posted by Ben at 16:48
You don't really see rally games so much any more, so this is good news for fans of the genre . Milestone (the Italian developers rather than the Japanese schmup company) are working on the game, and are aiming for an Autumn 2015 release on PS4 and Xbox One, with PQube publishing

the press release describes the game as "uncompromising", so expect something less arcade-style than the likes of Sega Rally and V-rally
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Posted by Duane at 18:36
Nippon Ichi have confirmed that Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance will be arriving on European PS4's sooner that I had initially anticipated.

You can expect to play the 6th home console instalment of Nippon Ichi's lead SRPG series some time during "Fall 2015".

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Posted by James at 11:09
The long awaited and long delayed Kickstarter Campaign for Sekai Project's plans to bring Front Wing's Grisaia Trilogy to the west finally went live today.

At the time of writing, the trilogy is $19,000 away from being funded. Compared to Sekai Project's previous Kickstarter for Key's Clannad, there are currently eight times as many donations, and the average donation is almost twice as high, at $157.

It's nice to see crowdfunding become a sustainable way to bring both lower and higher profile visual novels overseas, with far less risk involved given most of the costs will be paid for from the very beginning.

All three titles are scheduled for an October release. There's no sign of a date for spin-off title (and stretch goal) Idol Mahou Shoujo Chiruchiru ☆ Michiru.
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Posted by James at 08:43
it would appear Captain Toad may be on its way to us sooner than expected, despite yesterday's launch trailer showing us Nintendo's previously planned 2 January release date.

Signs of this happening come by way of two sources: firstly someone who works at a retailer mentioned yesterday that his chain store received their Captain Toad shipment.

There are also a few tweets from GAME customers expressing surprise that their Toad order is being paid for and that it's due for release on 19 December.

The change, if true, is to be welcomed. Captain Toad has always seemed like the perfect game to play over the festive season.

Update: We're hearing that Nintendo approved a soft launch with GAME. That would explain why it's being shipped out to GAME customers as we write this, while other retailers are still listing the game for an early January release.
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Posted by Ben at 15:08
STEINS;GATE is one of those names I've heard countless times, but couldn't tell you anything about it. Thanks to the press release from PQube though that has all changed.

STEINS;GATE is a very well regarded visual novel, with a gameplay element involving answering, or not, phone calls and messages. PQube have today announced that they will be bringing the game to European PS3s and Vitas in 2015

I'm fairly new to the whole visual novel thing, unless you're counting adventure games, which I think something like 999 or Dangonronpa would fall in to. However, the huge amount of excitement for STEINS;GATE has me intrigued, as does that it apparently has a good enough story to be transferred to a full on manga and anime series. To top it off, one of the last anime series I watched and enjoyed was Chaos;Head, which it turns out also started out as a visual novel by developer 5pb.
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Posted by Ben at 15:45
We were sent a code for the Steam release of Kamui (and ALLTYNEX Second), and after a couple of play throughs captured a video.

I'm not very good at Kamui, I make no claim to be, but I try to show how the game works, and there's a couple of levels in the video below

Kamui holds up really well, it's still a really good game. I'll get something akin to a review up once Geometry Wars is done, such is my busy, busy life at the minute

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Posted by Ben at 06:09
Yeah, so this is some Christmas bah humbug. The excellent After Burner Climax is going to be delisted from XBLA and PSN on the 24th December.

If you've already bought the game you'll still be able to play it or redownload it, but if not then you're about to miss out on one of the most hyper arcade games of the last generation

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Posted by Ben at 02:16
Nyu Media have sent over a code for the shoot em up classics Kamui and ALLTYNEX Second, which have both just been released on Steam.

Priced at 5.99 for the individual games, or 14.99 for all 3 parts of the trilogy (ALLTYNEX Second, KAMUI, RefleX). So far, with the couple of play throughs of Kamui I've done, it still holds up and is still very enjoyable.

There's a trailer below, and we'll have our own video up soon

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