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According to MCV, Ubisoft are looking at the possibility of Free-2-Play software models for the big three's next console offerings.

Admittedly, this opinion seems to come from a third party, namely Colin Sebastien of Baid Equity Research, who has said:

“We believe that F2P versions of Wii-U titles are in UbiSoft's plans for the coming year, It appears that new consoles from Microsoft and Sony will also allow more integration of item-based transactions within games, including a free-to-play option similar to the model used in social and mobile games.

“UbiSoft expects this to drive better monetization than what is commonly available in the current generation. We believe the F2P model on consoles, as part of a broad multi-platform strategy (phones, tablets, connected TVs) could drive a higher level of profitability per franchise.

“In addition, developers of Facebook and Mobile/Tablet games may discover a new platform opportunity for their titles in the next console generation.”

Honestly, I don't think anyone other than Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have any idea if this sort of thing is feasible or not (especially considering licensing fee's that are applied by the console manufacturers when publishers releases games on their console), so we'll have to see if something like Team Fortress 2 or Lord of the Rings Online is ever likely to appear on a console.
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