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I promise this will be the last WiiU post I write for a while, and maybe this is something that doesn't need to be said, but I can't help but think that a lot of the WiiU's problems are that of image.

The WiiU, whatever you think of its power, does seem to be able to produce games at 60fps at a hd resolution. I know that's not really something you'd think worthy of a boast but quite often we're still seeing games at sub-hd and sub 30fps in 360 and ps3. I'm not suggesting it's most games, but we haven't got to where we expected to be with those consoles. The WiiU, if it isn't already (and it kind of isn't), will be a graphical step up on the current generation.

It's not a huge leap, if anything it brings in to contrast how much of a step up the PS4 and Xbox One are over the current generation, the WiiU really is nowhere close in terms of power. Where it is pretty close though is in its upcoming game lineup. There's no doubt that the WiiU needs 3rd party titles, although they aren't what's going to convince people to buy the console. The odd truth is that so long as you don't want Grand Theft Auto V, or Battlefield 3, or Fifa 14, or Madden 25, or PES, then all your favourite 3rd party games are coming to WiiU. After GTAV Watchdogs has to be the most sought after title for the end of the year, and that, along with Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty are coming to WiiU.

The reason I mention this is that when you look at the retail launch lineup of the PS4 and xbox one they are mainly 3rd party games available elsewhere. If you want Watchdogs then it's on everything, if you want Call of Duty then it's on everything, if you want Battlefield then it's on your current gen console. Drive Club and Ryse might end up being great games but I doubt most of the people buying new consoles are hyper excited for them (although you, person reading this, might be).

The WiiU's lineup this Christmas isn't especially amazing in my opinion. I can't get excited for a hd port of Windwaker, as much as I loved that game, nor a Donkey Kong sequel despite really enjoying the 3DS port of the first game. Mario looks great, or at least the cat suit does, but it also looks like it should be on the 3DS. Next year though with Smash Bros., Mario Kart and Bayonetta it has a great looking lineup. Add to that Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 from the past few weeks and youíve got a decent selection of games.

So why aren't people excited for the WiiU? It has a comparable line up to the PS4 and xbox one, it's certainly a more unique one, it offers something different, and it has true hd gaming. I think it's perception. The Wii was as far from the PS3 as the WiiU is from the PS4 but it got people excited. Now, I donít think the WiiU is as conceptually good a console as the Wii, but the gamepad is a decent feature, yet thereís nothing but negativity for the WiiU. I suspect if you doubled the WiiUís power, got it closer to the PS4 and Xbox One, made it so there was no doubt that it could run the same games, I donít think that would change your average gamerís opinion of the machine. Nintendo are simply not liked by a chunk of the gaming landscape. thereís a generation of kids who have never known Nintendo to be anything other than the ďshitĒ kids console, they could have got in to gaming in the PS2 era (it launched 13 years ago) and be old enough to post sensibly on your favourite forum.

Maybe this is just the price Nintendo have to pay for the success they had with the Wii, I certainly canít see it changing any time soon. 3rd parties werenít interested in the WiiU (generally speaking), gamers didnít embrace it from day one. I honestly canít see what would change that whenever they launch their next console.
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