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HAL Laboratory's HakoBoi! is something very special, a masterclass in minimalistic game design, as BitParade's own review claims. Seeing a big developer like HAL focus on a small-yet-perfectly-formed idea again was a breath of fresh air.

Testament to how beautifully simple HakoBoi's solutions can be for some of its trickier puzzles are pieces of Miiverse altruism, peppered across the community for the game. It turns out a few users have been drawing up solutions to stuck players' woes, and this is the sort of thing that just warms the cockles. Another win for the whole Miiverse concept, then.
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Please note: For all intents and purposes, this is a repost of our Hakoboi! review, unedited in all but name. Yes, BOXBOY! is still a masterclass in minimalist game design.