Stella Glow
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Posted by Ben at 02:06

First things first, I recorded this Stella Glow gameplay video on my phone so it doesn't look great, but unless you, yes YOU, want to buy me the means to capture 3DS games directly we're all SOL.

Stella Glow is a strategy rpg from Atlus, not entirely unlike Shining Force, you pick your team to best suit your play style or the environment. There's different classes with different strengths, weaknesses, and so on

What makes Stella Glow stand out is that it pulls in ideas from its Atlus stable-mate Persona. It's simplified, but after fights you'll have some free time to go and spend with your team, and as your relationship grows closer, so their abilities increase. Similarly you have to 'tune' the witches in the game, which really just means talk to them or fight their darker thoughts. It's the bit that's maybe a little eyebrow raising if I'm honest, but still, so far Stella Glow is a pretty good game

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