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Marks absent this week, I think its some form of internet installation issue, so I've picked up the mantle (the other option was James but he wanted a little more time witht he game he was going to discuss). This all means I'm gonna sing the praises of Overwatch this week.

I tend not to write about games I've bought for myself on here, I'd say its an element of trying to separate "work" from pleasure. But I'll make an exception for Overwatch. You've all probably seen its surge in popularity since its release just under a fortnight ago and for once, its not without merit.

So why am I a fan when historically I'm not the biggest player of shooters? Well, I feel useful regardless of who I'm playing with and how well I'm doing and the lack of upgrades to equipment and the whole Call of Duty mechanic of being rewarded for playing more of the game than everyone else means I can just pick it up and play it whenever I feel like, which happens to be a lot of the time. Seriously, I've not had a game that I've wanted to switch on when I get up in the morning for a long, long while. But Overwatch has done that to me.

That doesn't mean its perfect, although my frustrations are with the current player base more than anything else. Firstly I've pretty much exclusively played as one of the Support characters, Lucio. Now I love playing as Lucio, I like his ability to be useful in healing the party whilst also being able to attack our opponents. He's great for getting into and out of tricky situations too, thanks to his speed and his wall ride ability. But the past week or so (certainly since half-term last week) he's pretty much all I've played. This goes against the games core concept, which is to switch characters to try and overturn the battle. Using character X to counter character Z, that kind of thing. But with 90% of the people I end up playing with (randoms) choosing Bastion, Tracer or Soldier 76 (with a few Junk Rats or Hanzo's thrown in and the occasional Reinhardt) I'm limited to tanking (I usually go with Zarya for this) or Lucio. By my reckoning though theres no point going with a Tank if theres no one to heal said Tank and allow them to aggro. So Lucio it is.

Again, that's not a massive issue, I really like the character and the role he plays within a team, I'd just like to have the chance to try another character.
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