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The first set of ratings for the Dara O'Briain-fronted games panel show, which has its third episode tonight, have been released, and it's good reading.

Specifically: the show was the single most-watched show on the channel in the week it aired (5th- 11th September), according to BARB, who are responsible for measuring these things.

Clocking in at 576,000 viewers, this beats the next-most watched show (An episode of Suits) by over 120,000. A further 24,000 would watch the show an hour later on timeshift channel Dave ja vu, bringing the show up to a round 600k.

While Suits normally takes the top spot for the station, the last time anything on Dave broke half a million was the series finale of Taskmaster, on the 21st July.

So, it turns out that if you come up with a decent format, fill it with people who know what they're talking about, air it at a sensible time and actually bother to put some marketing behind it, it's possible to make a games show on television succeed- who knew?
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