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Super Dungeon Bros, the first console game from mobile specialists React! Games, now has a confirmed release date and trailer

Super Dungeon Bros is releasing on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One on the 1st November, priced at 14.99. Super Dungeon Bros is a co-op 'dungeon brawler', so Diablo with more action, and some obstacles to avoid judging by the trailer.

Super Dungeon Bros kind of reminds me of the Ninja Turtles based on the trailer, like a metal Ninja Turtles, which I'm amazed doesn't already exist, unless that was Biker Mice From Mars or that shark mess.

It seems there's going to be bother a physical and digital release of Super Dungeon Bros, and most interestingly, the promise of cross-platform multiplayer sometime after launch. It's likely PS4 & PC / Xbox One & PC, but we can hold out hope everyone will get to play everyone. Anyway, trailer and gallery below

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