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Posted by Ben at 08:21
I haven't had as much time to play games as I was planning on this weekend, the initial plan was to make a massive dent in Zelda Skyward Sword but I didn't get chance, instead it was all about the 3DS

Some of you will know that demos finally arrived on the e-shop this week, bringing and as such I played through the demo of Resident Evil Revalations. It's pretty short and as I've heard people mention scanning, yet I didn't scan a single thing, I've clearly missed something. Perhaps scanning would have led to more ammo because I was pretty much on 0 by the time the demo finished. It seems a lot slower paced than recent Resident Evil games, I suspect this is to keep the game looking and running well, sacrificing the hordes of enemies from post Resident Evil 4 games.

I also played the Cooking Mama demo, but I really don't have much to say about it. I've no problem with the series, I really enjoyed the first game way back when, but I can't say I need another one in my life.

For review I've put some time in to Prince of Persia, it's the Gameboy Colour version of the classic. I'm still terrible at the game but I can still see its appeal, and the animation still stands out. I always feel Prince of Persia suffers from input lag though, and I've suffered a few deaths because of it, that said I've definitely enjoyed my time with it.

Finally I had some friends round to watch the football, and we spent a few hours post-match playing Fifa 12 on the PS3. I haven't played this years Fifa anything like as much as I wanted to, I did just about play enough to get my head around the tackling, although that's gone out of the window now. It's been a long time since I played same room multiplayer on Fifa with anyone, it used to be a staple of my week, but even though Fifa 12 if infinitely more complicated than the old Gamecube Winning 11 game we used to play it was still a laugh.

And it turns out if you play someone up front with Carlton Cole rather than leave him isolated he turns in to a bit of a beast
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Posted by Mark at 16:07
The Eighth FIFA Interactive World Cup- the international FIFA 12 tournament- started yesterday.

This year's event sees six "seasons" being played over the PlayStation Network, with the top two players in each being summoned to face eleven qualifiers from a series of as-yet-unconfirmed live events, as well as last year's winner, Portugal's Francisco Cruz, all competing for the $20,000 prize and a ticket to the Ballon d'Or ceremony.

There's more details on the Official Site.
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Posted by Duane at 16:11

Ah, its football season once again and that means EA's yearly release of FIFA is upon us. Thankfully in recent years this has been something to genuinely look forward to, from FIFA 09 onwards the series has been genuinely excellent and has truly shown up its competitor PES. EA has this year made alot of noise about certain aspects of their new release, so is it more of the same with minor tweaks (as some perceived FIFA 11 to be) or has it genuinely changed?

Well to be honest, there's only so much you can do with a game like FIFA, much like racing games or any other sports title, theres certain restrictions in place, so really its very hard to make a game within a genre such as one FIFA 12 finds itself in and make it totally different, different enough to be worth spending 45 of your hard earned cash on thats for sure. But all impressions EA have managed to really seperate the really rather attack dominated play of FIFA 11 and focus instead on an intelligent pressing game thats not going to be to everybodies liking but is genuinely tactical and requiring of skill to play properly.

As mentioned, this time round EA has put an effort on pressing play and defensive interaction. Gone is the ability to just hold down A and B (on the XBox controller) and walk away with the ball, now its all about containing the threat from the opposition and skillful and intelligent timing when defending, and then opening up spaces quickly whilst attacking. An element of patience is certainly required resulting in probably the most intelligent game of football thats ever been released on consoles. It takes a fair bit of practice to get right, but is richly rewarding when you do and have learnt the system efficiently. For those who lack that patience or just cannot get on with it, you can switch back to the FIFA 11 method of defending but that kind of devoids spending so much money on this years release. It would also mean you can't really play online properly as to balance things out, everyone has to use FIFA 12's defensive mechanics.

Online is certainly where EA want you to spend the chunk of your time with the game this year, this has always probably been the case, but its even more apparent this time round. With the staple Be A Pro and Ranked matches being included but also the inclusion on disc of Ultimate Team, plus a ranking system that see's you competing in a Seasonal play scheme where you build up your own reputation on the game and rise up the leagues season by season (which is generally speaking 10 online matches) or drop down them according to how succesful you are within that 10 game span. There are also challenges based on real world matches that are updated frequently giving everyone a choice of different ways to play the same game.

Rather brilliantly, EA has seen fit to bring back club allegiances, I'm not sure why they did away with this before, but essentially when you first boot the game up you can pick your favourite team to represent and then every single match that you play (regardless of the club you're playing as at the time) you contribute points to your favourite club in the games worldwide rankings which are then averaged out by how many fans that club has worldwide and are organised into leagues on a leaderboard. It gives the game a stronger community feel than previous iterations and is most certainly a positive inclusion to the series that could lead to some interesting developments if EA decide to keep it for future iterations.

With all of these new features, FIFA 12 feels much more experimental than last years release, which felt a little safe. Its certainly not without its problems, menu's are often very slow to respond, the AI is far too often too reliant on you when playing the Career mode as a player or player/manager meaning unless you play upfront and literally drag your team through every game matches end up at 0-0 far far too often, with the ball trapped in the middle of the park with very tedious midfield "battles" that are ultimately just the AI controlled players losing possession with rather sloppy passing and no desire to push forward. There's also a few bugs that really need ironing out, one in particular that pretty much cripples Ultimate Team and see's players not receiving coins for playing matches be they online or offline. Somebody more cynical could see this as a move to make players buy card packs using micro-transactions rather than in-game cash but I'm of the opinion its a bit of coding thats gone awry.

The question is then, is this years version worth getting if you have 11? Personally speaking, I prefer it, I felt the defensive side of 11 was severely lacking, both in the way you interacted with it and in the way attacking teams could easily exploit it and 12 goes someway to repairing that, and if you play online theres so much here that could keep any football fan busy for a long long while its ridiculous. It's hard to call a game thats "updated" yearly good value for money, but with FIFA 12 EA Sports have really made an effort to make their product exactly that, good value for money.
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Posted by Ben at 19:50
EA Sports have teamed up with Manchester City to unveil the digital launch of their new kit, and to offer 'match simulations prior to the fixtures and unique visuals of the City stars in action' via in game downloads.

If for some reason you want to read more about that then visit their site, I'd bleach your monitor afterwards though

Alternatively you can watch the video below. It's taken from an EA Sports and City event where Micah Richards blurts out that he doesn't know the controls because he plays Pro Evolution

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Posted by Ben at 08:36
This is either a nice touch or some sort of contractual obligation, but EA have announced that Fifa 12 will have 2 sets of commentators.

The defaults for league play are Alan Smith and the excellent Martin Tyler, with Clive Tyldesley and Andy 'Tactics Truck' Townsend handling tournament matches (it's unclear if this means a return for the World Cup modes or just FA Cup and European matches).

It's fairly accurate, with the Sky pair having the league and the ITV pair having everything else (though for true accuracy if your game isn't televised you should default to the Chinese commentary Sopcast users will be familiar with). However it could also be because Tyldesley and Townsend were signed up for the World Cup game and need to be used

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