I think it does some things well. I think there are still some areas where, as a customer, I'd like to see it improve.

Handbags! Gabe Newell, in an admittedly-quite-creatively-edited-by-us quote, passes judgement on EA's Origin system. [CVG]
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We don’t see the idea [of DLC] as wrong, but we definitely don’t like to see gamers treated like dairy cows that are primed for milking.

Adam Badowski- develolpment director at CD Projekt, tells Rock, Paper, Shotgun that The Witcher 2 will have a... 'friendlier' approach to DLC.
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Valve very deliberately focus tests its games, and see how people react to situations, and refine the game to that. when you start to do that to a puzzle game you start to get rid of the puzzles.

*sucks air through teeth* Jonathan Blow has a few words with Edge on the matter of both Portal games.
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But do you know what? I'm glad. Healthy lads like yourselves, out rowing in all weathers- what do you want with computer games?

Only Connect's Victoria Coren consoles the Rowers team, as they fail to spot the connection between "World", "64", "Land" and "Bros." as Super Mario games.
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The story for Other M was definitely the product of Mr. Sakamoto at Nintendo

Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi shifts the blame for Metroid: Other M's storyline. [G4]
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Certainly, nowhere in the paper do we say that people can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy. That is something that journalists make up to sell newspapers.

Professor Mark Griffiths- author of a paper identifying the "Game Transfer Phenomena", refutes the "Gamers 'can't tell real world from fantasy'" headline it spawned in the Metro yesterday to Eurogamer. A Daily Mail-owned newspaper publishing stuff it's made up? Perish the thought!
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As for setting up a gaming room, why shouldn’t we? Especially as I think we have a rifle range somewhere – although I’ve never found it… [laughs]

Cuture Minister Ed Vaizey accidentally stumbles across an incredibly tenuous games/vilence link in Edge.
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The publisher was Japanese and the developer was foreign. Even inside Japan, when you work in two different companies, they always blame each other for any small mistakes, so that's pretty much what happened in those two games -- blaming each other

Keiji Inafune explains why Capcom's not been having much fun lately. [Joystiq]
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Please note that this game should not be played until Midnight 19th September.

An unnamed spokesperson for GameStop UK sends all those people who got their copes of Gears of War 3 early a note. [MCV]
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“We get asked a lot about Battlefield The truth is that it’s a great team. We know that they’re going to do something really excellent, but what we’re really comparing ourselves to is MW2.

Handbags! "Battlefield 3 who?", asks Glen Schofield, general manager of Sledgehammer Games to games™.
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