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Posted by Mark at 19:11
There's been an amount made about the state of the event at this year's EGX- and while I'll be trying to focus on the games played, there are a few things that can't be avoided.

First, and the one which created the most noise was Sony's handling of Horizon: Zero Dawn- only available to play in a closed-off area, the 30-minute demo meant that formal queuing was abandoned early on in favour of booking sessions, all of which were filled up by 11AM each day- completely shutting out anyone who didn't have an Early Access ticket to the event.

Sony are not the first people to underestimate the demand to see a title at such a show, but questions have to be asked as to why so few consoles were made available considering the length of the demo, more so when the games immediately next to it on Sony's booth were Overwatch and Uncharted 4- both well-marketed games that have been out for some time, the former of which had its own dedicated booth.

The other two platform holders were also conspicuous by their absences- Microsoft's presence being limited to showing Gears of War 4 in a corner of the 18+ area and Forza Horizon 3 making an appearance on the Twitch booth, and Nintendo not showing up at all.

Microsoft's decision not to showcase the XBox One S and let Sony hog the limelight with PS4 Pro seems like an own-goal, but at least one of their flagship series made an appearance, to an extent doing what Nintendo did at E3 with Breath Of The Wild.

The next Zelda game, like its developer, didn't make an appearance at EGX, beyond a glancing mention in the show magazine (this year just an advert for Amazon rather than telling you anything about the games being exhibited), not even in a closed-off Horizonbox or as a developer session.

Nintendo not being present is almost inexplicable, especially when you consider that in the much less-attended Hyper Japan earlier in the year, Nintendo had a not insignificant showing, including integrating BotW's UK premiere into its stage show and creating a Pokťmon showcase, capitalising on the back of the then-new Pokťmon Go.

Despite what that event's name would suggest, Nintendo's showing there wasn't entirely niche titles with little appeal outside the otaku market, so it probably wouldn't have been too difficult to simply pick up that show and drop it into EGX, maybe adding a bit of Super Mario Run if they really had to.

Mainly appealing to otakudom still probably wouldn't have hurt, if Square-Enix' booth was anything to go by, showcasing World Of Final Fantasy- one of three FF games exhibited (four if Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 counts), a dungeon crawler whose gimmick seems to be that the characters can transform into cute chibis at will, a mechanic which seems to exist solely to sell Nendoroid figures.

More interesting was the adjacent Dragon Quest Builders, the Minecraftalike that Ben has already posted the trailer of.

(And if you were waiting, this marks the first appearance of a game I actually played)

The notion of Minecraft with story and objectives appears interesting, and advanced platformer-y tasks could be seen played on Sony's stage, although the playable demo didn't seem to last long enough to reach that point. The move to third-person, despite certain control changes to accommodate, makes placing blocks slightly harder than it could be, which is likely to cause frustration.

The rest of Squeenix' booth was made up of Rise Of The Tomb Raider and Hitman, promoting their PS4 re-release and latest episodes respectively.

Possibly as a factor of the absence of Microsoft and Nintendo, aside from the usual iterative titles (This year's CoD, FIFA, WWE, Pro Evo and Battlefield) the only other meaningful showing- save for Sega settling nicely into its strategy niche, and Sniper Elite 4 helping Rebellion continue to punch above its weight- from a AAA developer was Bethesda, showcasing Dishonored 2.

The level shown in the demo featured a mansion whose rooms could shift into different configurations at the pull of a lever- meaning in order to complete the level's two objectives (saving a colleague from the first game and taking down this game's antagonist) the player has to creep around the crawlspaces under the floors- a little like a Victoriana latter half of Portal.

The enemies shown, rather than the humans which made up the previous game, were all robots, which added an extra element of strategy to combat. Decapitation causes them to attack anything that makes a noise, meaning they can be used by the player to take down other enemies.

Sniper Elite 4, incidentally, was pretty much Sniper Elite 3, but bigger. Which is absolutely fine by me.

That feels like a nice cut-off point, tomorrow I'll recap the better indie and smaller games of the show.
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Posted by Ben at 14:15
Hot on the heels of the first Dragon Quest game's release on android, comes the cleverly named Dragon Quest 2

Priced at £2.99, Dragon Quest 2 plays much the same as the first game does on smart phones, in portrait mode with a touch screen d-pad

At some point I'll have a review up of the original Dragon Quest on android. It's not all I'd hoped, but it's not a terrible way to experience the early Dragon Quest games
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Posted by Ben at 14:14
In the 2nd of our 3 news stories about JRPG series we like, Dragon Quest is coming to Playstation 3 and PS4. Well, sort of anyway, it's not going to be a traditional Dragon Quest game, nor a Dragon Quest Monsters game, instead it's something more akin to a Musou game.

Called Dragon Quest Heroes, it's been described as an action-rpg, and not a Musou game, but watching the trailer below, you can certainly see the similarities

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Posted by Ben at 05:09
I'm not surprised that Square Enix are bringing Dragon Quest to Smart phones, but I am quite surprised that it's almost every Dragon Quest game.

Draon Quest I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII (so 1-8 for you none Romans) are all to be released on iPhone and Android

I'm dubious as to what the chances are of any of these getting a western release, although I think the translations are done on all of them except DQ VII so it's possible. I'm also not sure I'd really want to play a game as long as VIII on a phone or tablet, but I could see myself picking up the first 2 games to never play
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Posted by Ben at 10:28

I was toying with writing some sort of Dragon Quest retrospective. You see I finished Dragon Quest 6 this week, itís obviously too late in the day to do a review of it, it came out over 2 years ago in Europe on the Nintendo DS, and itís way too late for a snes review. The truth is though that while Iíve played Dragon Quest 4, 5, 8 and 9 prior to 6 I still feel like anything I had to say on the series would be from the point of view of something akin to a novice. Itís a series with so much history, that reflects so much of of the times itís been through, that the combined effort of me and Wikipedia would only serve to annoy fans of the series.

What I will say about Dragon Quest 6 is that I think itís where the series stopped being as interesting narratively. The first Dragon Quest game I played was Dragon Quest 8, I liked 8, itís got a lot of humour to it, and some depth thanks to the skill system. The story is fairly run of the mill, thereís a slight twist but nothing that keeps you guessing. Dragon Quest 9, well I honestly couldnít tell you what the plot was to that game.

My favourite Dragon Quest is Dragon Quest 5, itís the first of the DS games I played and itís brilliant. The reason itís so good is because of the story it tells, well not so much the story itself but how it tells it, telling its tale over decades. Dragon Quest 4 does a similar thing, its subtitle is ĎChapters of the Chosení, and thatís exactly what it is.

Which brings us to Dragon Quest 6. If I was reviewing it itíd get a 6, probably a 5 had the last boss not been so enjoyable. The middle part of the game is a waste, dumping story for aimless wandering. The signposting is terrible, after the first third of the game youíre pretty much relying on a guide to tell you where to go next, trying to find places that half the time arenít even marked on the map. The job system ends up getting in the way, as do the extra characters, confusing things and upsetting the balance of the team.

The worst part though is that Dragon Quest 6 was when the games stopped being narratively interesting. I like Dragon Questís combat system, I like the kind of shallow depth of it, thereís not a load of systems to worry about, itís very old fashioned in that way, but thereís enough scope for battle plans. Dragon Quest 9 was great for that, it was really fun, but there wasnít much else to it. 6 on the other hand bogs itself down, abandoning the story for a good 20 hours, and when the story is just Ďkeep killing the bad guysí itís not like youíre on the hook for more.

6 is also the game where the aimless wandering and obscure solutions started to take hold. Dragon Quest 8 is too long in my opinion, but the only moment I actively hated involved a phoenix, I simply had no clue what I was supposed to be doing. Dragon Quest 6 is full of these moments, where vague directions like ďI heard there was a rundown castle in the north westĒ are the best you can hope for. Frankly it was enough that I wonít be getting Dragon Quest 7 should it ever come over here.

What I wanted to talk about though is that despite hating about 40 hours of my 70 hours with Dragon Quest 6 I still finished it. As Iíve mentioned numerous times I still havenít finished Disgaea, I want to, but finding the time and inclination to go back, despite really liking the game, itís just not happening. But for whatever reason I stuck with Dragon Quest 6 for the length of another jrpg despite no longer enjoying it. I assume itís a completionist trait, Iíve played/finished 4, 5, 8, and 9, might as well finish 6 so Iíve done all the English ports. Itís stupid and counter productive, continually playing something youíre not enjoying because you want to say to yourself you finished it? When I look at my backlog of unfinished games from this year; The Last of Us, DmC Devil May Cry, Tomb Raider, The Wonderful 101, I could have finished any 2 of them in the time I spent hating Dragon Quest 6. I even put stuff on the backburner (like The Wonderful 101), playing DQ6 instead of it because I wanted to get it done. Stupid

Hereís the thing though, Iíd be willing to bet thereís a few people who would read this nodding along, knowing theyíve done exactly the same
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Posted by Ben at 16:09
Dragon Quest is a series that I came to quite late. It was a couple of years after the release of Dragon Quest 8 on the PS2 that I eventually picked it up, and probably a couple of years after that until I got around to playing/finishing it.

Since then I've played through the DS remakes of Dragon Quest 4 and 5, with 6 sitting on my shelf, and played through the most recent original game (unless you're Japanese) Dragon Quest 9.

As you might imagine the thought of a 3D remake of previously unreleased in Europe Dragon Quest 7 sounds appealing to me. It's due out in Japan in February of next year, so assuming it's coming to Europe maybe November next year?

Better get started on Dragon Quest 6
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Posted by Ben at 06:50
I should learn the 2nd line to that song one day. I played through Resident Evil Revelations last week on the 3DS, I've also been dipping in to Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen which of course is a DS game. I mention this because my housemate had been dropping hints about how he really wanted to play Resident Evil but cant afford a 3DS at the minute, I, being a generous soul offered him the use of mine, which of course meant no 3DS for Dragon Quest

With a bit of hunting around I found it in the same box as my passport and a belt, it's not been used in at least 6 months, and you know what, it was still charged. This isn't one of your fancy DSi's or DSlite's either, this is an old school DS phat.

I've probably talked about this before, but I suffered a bit of Dragon Quest burnout with 4. I've played through at least one a year over the past few years and let's face it, they don't change much. I started 4 a couple of years back right after completing 5, and since then have completed 9, so I've not made the most amount of progress in it.

I'm about 8 hours in, playing as the 2nd character, a young princess. I've memories of the first character/chapter (it's split up in to characters/chapters btw) being really short, this one is much longer, and I've done a few events with her. I've cured my fathers lost voice, and am now tasked with entering a fighting tournament on my own. I'll be honest I already tried it and died so I'm now just circling the town trying to level up a bit. Another hour of that and I reckon I'll be able to beat the current champion.

I've also played a bit more Assassin's Creed 2, but as that's what I'll be playing for the next few updates I don't want to waffle on too much hear with the minimal amount I played yesterday. I will say that I've now met up with Mario, and it has shown me how to fight, even though I've already had countless fights. Still fun though
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Posted by Ben at 04:25
I don't think it's a massive surprise to anyone that the long announced Dragon Quest X is not the same game we saw very briefly all those years ago. Back then it was pretty much going to be more of the same on the Wii, of course with Wii sales dropping off, and the impending release of the WiiU, the weekends Dragon Quest Conference was bound to announce at least a change of platform.

But that's not all, yes Dragon Quest X will now be on the WiiU as well as the Wii (with improved graphics for the former), but rather than just a retreading of a familiar framework this 10 is going to be a Dragon Quest MMO.

There's a video below but it's difficult to pull any detail from it, and so far all we know is that it's due next year, both versions will be compatible with each other, there may be a subscription fee, and Square are toying with the idea of some sort of 3DS functionality.

Cant say it's what I wanted from the series but it'll be interesting to see how this turns out, and what effect it has on WiiU sales

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Posted by Ben at 14:10
Want to know what's coming for the Nintendo 3DS?

The full list is below, but how about Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic, Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, De Blob 2, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, Star Fox 64, and Naruto

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Posted by Ben at 17:24
Last year I played through Dragon Quest V, Dragon Quest VIII and started Dragon Quest IV. This year I've played none.

I might have to get a shift on with number 4 though, as the 9th instalment of the Dragon Quest main line is arriving in Europe on the 23rd of July

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