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Posted by Mark at 14:55
As part of Scotland Loves Anime.

If you fancy subjecting yourself to two of the three CGI Resident Evil films, you'll soon be able to do so on the big screen.

Screening at The Edinburgh Filmhouse as part of the regular Edinburgh leg of the Scotland Loves Anime film festival, 2008's Resident Evil: Degeneration will be shown on the 18th of October at 8:45, and this year's Resident Evil: Vendetta the day after at 8:30.

When Ben reviewed it back in the Loading Screen days, he said
it's not exactly a classic, but it is fun and thatís all you can ask for. Definitely worth a watch
It's screening alongside classic anime films such as Tokyo Godfathers and Venus Wars as well as the more recent critical darlings Your Name and A Silent Voice, so may be worth a look if you're already in town.

As the Glasgow films are yet to be announced, it's not known if the Resi films are going to be shown there as well.
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Posted by Ben at 14:38
We posted a release date for the Ratchet & Clank movie on digital download (22nd August) and DVD / Bluray (29th August, although the latest press release doesn't mention bluray).

Anyway, in preparation for the films release Lionsgate have sent over a trailer

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Posted by Ben at 15:58
A follow up to 'From Bedrooms to Billions', Gracious Films are set to release 'From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years' this September

From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years will feature archive footage, plus new interviews with the Amiga design team and a look at some of the classic games.

I've no idea if the film will be made available elsewhere, you'd have to assume so, but it is available through Funstock for £19.99

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Posted by Ben at 14:13
In other video game adaptation news, the home release date for the Ratchet & Clank movie has been announced.

It's a staggered release with the digital download becoming available on the 22nd August, and the physical DVD and Bluray release a week later on the 29th August

I've not seen the Ratchet and Clank movie yet, there was a time, back when I used to do Loading Screen that I'd have been on it the day it released.

I'm not sure whether it's already been snapped up by Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sky, whoever, but personally that's how I'm likely to watch it
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Posted by Mark at 10:54
Yes, they still use the term 'Home Video'.

Announced at their first Panel at the MCM London Comic-Con, Anime Limited will be releasing the four movies which spun out of Persona 3 in the UK, reports

There are few details knocking about, but we can safely assume they'll be out on Blu-Ray and will probably include an English dub. No date seems to have been set as yet.
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Posted by Mark at 13:40
For people who aren't James the majority of us, earnings reports from companies make for dry reading, even in games. So it stands to reason that often, little tidbits of news sneak out without people noticing.

Fortune have noticed one thing in Nintendo's most recent report-
For Nintendo IP, a more active approach will be taken in areas outside the video game business, including visual content production and character merchandising
Nintendo properties have appeared in film to varying success recently in Wreck-It Ralph and Pixels, but it seems that Nintendo are going to look for a little more control.

Rather than simply handing everything over to marketers, future excursions into film will be overseen by Software Planning & Development- the arm of Nintendo overseen by Shigeru Miyamoto and Shinya Takahashi.

Incidentally, that project to make a sequel to the Super Mario Bros. movie in comic form is still up and running.
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Posted by Ben at 16:38
Duane 'The Rock' Johnson, star of such videogame films as Doom, and I think that's it actually (did Spyhunter ever come out?), is to star in another video game film, the 'classic' Rampage

I'll be honest, I always thought rampage was one of those games that sounds a great concept but doesn't actually work when it's fleshed out. Still it's hard to argue with giant monsters climbing buildings and eating people

I'm going to guess we'll end up getting a Godzilla style film, with Duane 'The Rock' Johnson eventually taking them down. It could work, hopefully it's better than the last Godzilla effort, and the one before that, either way we'll find out in a couple of years, assuming it actually gets made
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Posted by Ben at 07:20
Fatal Frame or Project Zero, which is better SEO?

Gematsu have a bunch of Fatal Frame news, including that there's a film coming towards the end of the year, but most notably that Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are working on a new Project Zero/Fatal Frame game for the WiiU

It's not confirmed to be leaving Japan at this point, but the WiiU could really use the games so hopefully it's only a matter of time. It's also easy to see how the gamepad could be made good use of, something Nintendo said they needed to do more of
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Posted by Ben at 18:21
In the words of the film makers
The intention of making this film was for it to be a spec film, with the primary purpose being to show how a Sonic the Hedgehog film, in a live action environment, can be executed.

The thing to take from that is that it's rubbish, cheap, and rubbish. Really rubbish in fact, with rubbish acting, but given that it's only intended as a proof of concept it is unreasonable to expect more

Should you feel the need to watch it the film is below

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Posted by Ben at 11:56
I don't know anything about the Company of Heroes games other than they're in the controversial THQ Humble Bundle at the minute.

Company of Heroes could be great, it could even be the most popular gaming franchise in the world for all I know. So maybe it is due to my own ignorance that Company of Heroes getting a movie adaptation is so surprising to me

I don't just mean 'has been signed up to one day possibly, not almost certainly not, get a movie adaptation', I mean there's a trailer below, and actual trailer with Vinny Jones and some block from Saving Private Ryan in. Madness.

The plot is that the Battle of the Bulge has left a small company of soldiers (or Heroes if you're a Sun reader) cut off from the rest of the Allied forces. They discover the Nazi's are testing a new weapon, and rather than return home to safety they go and investigate.

I'll leave you to judge the trailer for yourself, but it looks a bit cheap to me, although they have nailed the war-film music Show/hide video

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