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Posted by Ben at 14:38
We posted a release date for the Ratchet & Clank movie on digital download (22nd August) and DVD / Bluray (29th August, although the latest press release doesn't mention bluray).

Anyway, in preparation for the films release Lionsgate have sent over a trailer

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Posted by Ben at 14:13
In other video game adaptation news, the home release date for the Ratchet & Clank movie has been announced.

It's a staggered release with the digital download becoming available on the 22nd August, and the physical DVD and Bluray release a week later on the 29th August

I've not seen the Ratchet and Clank movie yet, there was a time, back when I used to do Loading Screen that I'd have been on it the day it released.

I'm not sure whether it's already been snapped up by Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sky, whoever, but personally that's how I'm likely to watch it
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Posted by Ben at 16:38
Duane 'The Rock' Johnson, star of such videogame films as Doom, and I think that's it actually (did Spyhunter ever come out?), is to star in another video game film, the 'classic' Rampage

I'll be honest, I always thought rampage was one of those games that sounds a great concept but doesn't actually work when it's fleshed out. Still it's hard to argue with giant monsters climbing buildings and eating people

I'm going to guess we'll end up getting a Godzilla style film, with Duane 'The Rock' Johnson eventually taking them down. It could work, hopefully it's better than the last Godzilla effort, and the one before that, either way we'll find out in a couple of years, assuming it actually gets made
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Posted by Ben at 07:20
Fatal Frame or Project Zero, which is better SEO?

Gematsu have a bunch of Fatal Frame news, including that there's a film coming towards the end of the year, but most notably that Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are working on a new Project Zero/Fatal Frame game for the WiiU

It's not confirmed to be leaving Japan at this point, but the WiiU could really use the games so hopefully it's only a matter of time. It's also easy to see how the gamepad could be made good use of, something Nintendo said they needed to do more of
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Posted by Ben at 18:21
In the words of the film makers
The intention of making this film was for it to be a spec film, with the primary purpose being to show how a Sonic the Hedgehog film, in a live action environment, can be executed.

The thing to take from that is that it's rubbish, cheap, and rubbish. Really rubbish in fact, with rubbish acting, but given that it's only intended as a proof of concept it is unreasonable to expect more

Should you feel the need to watch it the film is below

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Posted by Ben at 11:56
I don't know anything about the Company of Heroes games other than they're in the controversial THQ Humble Bundle at the minute.

Company of Heroes could be great, it could even be the most popular gaming franchise in the world for all I know. So maybe it is due to my own ignorance that Company of Heroes getting a movie adaptation is so surprising to me

I don't just mean 'has been signed up to one day possibly, not almost certainly not, get a movie adaptation', I mean there's a trailer below, and actual trailer with Vinny Jones and some block from Saving Private Ryan in. Madness.

The plot is that the Battle of the Bulge has left a small company of soldiers (or Heroes if you're a Sun reader) cut off from the rest of the Allied forces. They discover the Nazi's are testing a new weapon, and rather than return home to safety they go and investigate.

I'll leave you to judge the trailer for yourself, but it looks a bit cheap to me, although they have nailed the war-film music Show/hide video

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Posted by Ben at 18:10

For the first couple of minutes Silent Hill Revelation makes quite a good impression. The film opens in an unsettling fairground, a girl who resembles the lead from Silent Hill 3 is fleeing from something, her hiding spot is right next to a giant pink stuffed rabbit. Later on another couple of familiar faces make an appearance, itís commendable that thereís that much care taken with Silent Hill Revelation.

Similarly the Ďdarknessí, the bit where the world transforms to the dank, distorted other world, it still looks great, as does the fog. It looks like Silent Hill. The demons too look the part, Pyramid Head doesnít rip anyoneís skin off this time, but he still looks ĎrightĎ, as do the nurses. Thereís a new monster, a mannequin spider, itís certainly something youíd expect to see in Silent Hill, but it looks a bit clean, and so fake, and thatís where we start getting to whatís wrong with Silent Hill Revelation.

The first Silent Hill film is one of the better videogame movies, in fact itís a decent horror movie up until the whole witchcraft ending, which at least was pretty gruesome. Silent Hill Revelation has the same cult storyline, in fact itís a sequel to the first film, only this time it feels more otherworldly, and I doubt through design. The cult in the first film felt like backwards puritans, here they look more like demons themselves.

The plot is even more nonsensical than the first film. The cult burned Alessa as a sacrifice, she survived and cursed them and Silent Hill. Not only did she survive she also separated her good self from her dark self, birthed the good self, left it at an orphanage where the good Alessa was then adopted by Sean Bean. The cult need this good Alessa back to unite the two Alessas so that they an kill her, bring back their god, and free themselves from the curse. Thereís also a key that Sean Beanís wife (star of the first film) used to free the good Alessa (who is now called Heather/Sharron) from Silent Hill after they both got stuck there at the end of the first film. The cult are now hunting Sean Bean and Heather/Sharron as they move from town to town, and have somehow managed to plant one of their children in the same school as Heather on her first day, but then the private detective they hired also managed to track them down just as fast, so what do I know?

The dialogue is awful, I know thatís a common complaint in Loading Screen, but there are points where Silent Hill Revelation reminds me of terrible 70s horror films. The acting isnít anything particularly special, but then Adelaide Clemens (Heather) is quite likable. She isnít as good when sheís playing Dark Alessa, she isnít as creepy as the younger girl who plays her. Sean Bean still canít do an American accent consistently. The most disappointing though is Malcolm McDowell, heís only in the film for a minute, and Iím sure he could point to any number of factors, but heís just not very good in this.

Silent Hill Revelation isnít particularly scary either, it tries a few jump scares, particularly early on, but not one of them lands. The monsters, while mostly well designed, are not so horrific that theyíre enough on their own. Thereís nothing particularly gruesome in the film, certainly nothing to match people having their skin ripped off or being burned alive.

It seems odd to say but Silent Hill Revelation is hugely disappointing after the relative success of the first film. They set up for a sequel too, but given how badly the story has lost its way I canít see it happening. Itís been shown that of all the videogames that can be made into films Silent Hill seems to work, which is why itís such a shame that this one isnít worth your time.
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Posted by Ben at 06:01

With the release of Resident Evil Damnation we can now confirm that thereís 2 Resident Evil film franchises on the go; the live action Milla Jovovich ones, and these CG efforts. While the live action films often get criticised for not staying true to the source, Resident Evil Degeneration, and this new film Damnation, do a much better job of capturing the feel of the games.

Thatís not to say they nail it, granted Iím not the worlds foremost knowledge of Resident Evil, but I was under the impression that once someone turned in to a zombie, or a Las Plagas zombie, that was kind of it, Damnation shows that they can be back and chatting away a minute later. Iím not even sure if one of the key plot points is possible in the Resident Evil fiction, controlling Lickers by injecting yourself with the Plagas parasite.

To the plot then, a former Soviet country is suffering a power struggle, with a former military leader claiming power and exerting influence on other political leaders. The people fight back, with rebel factions and government forces becoming embroiled in a civil war, and itís not long until BOWs start being used. Which is why Leon is called in, although thanks to the political sensitivity of the region heís on his own, with neither the U.S. nor Russia wanting to get involved.

To be honest most of that you can just forget, all you need to know is that the rebels are fighting the government and thereís zombies. Leon makes a friend, which gives him a reason to care about whatís going on, but really thereís no reason for him to help the rebels, especially as all the evidence suggests that theyíre the only ones using BOWs (although that does change).

It took me a while to place what Resident Evil Damnation reminded me of, itís very Japanese in its structure. It focuses on relationships, quickly formed, but strong enough that it gives the hero a motivation for the back half of the film. Damnation is every Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Pokemon spin-off film you will ever see. One thing it also shares with Pokemon (Pokemon Black I think it is) is the moral ambiguity of the factions, itís commendable that the rebels arenít wholly good, in fact whatever their motivations their actions are indefensible.

Beyond that though itís hard to praise the plot too much, it doesnít feel particularly important, possibly because the main character isnít really a part of it. Even the characters feel incidental, you donít care when people die, you arenít really routing for anyone other than Leon and you know heís going to be fine. The script is particularly clunky, probably due to a too literal translation from Japanese (anyone whoís watched a significant amount of anime will know what I mean).

If Damnation is going to be worth a watch then it has to come from what youíre seeing, and the film certainly looks great. Itís not jaw-dropping or anything, but in comparison to Degeneration itís a huge improvement, and the characters are well animated. Where itís let down though is that the action isnít really showy enough. It starts well, the underground car-park scene is relatively tense and adds some mystery, but itís not until Leon is sprinting down an opulent hall in the back half of the film that I can offer that praise again. Iím not entirely sure what the problem is other than to say that thereís a lack of punch and peril.

Iím not sure where Iíd place Damnation amongst the gaming films Iíve reviewed, itís certainly not a bad film but at no point does it really do anything of note. When the biggest crime a film commits is cringe-worthy puns and shoehorned characters you canít really damn it too harshly. And with that being said Iíd recommend Resident Evil Damnation to RE fans, itís less annoying than the first animated film, and closer to the games than any of the live action films, but itís not something you need to rush to watch.
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Posted by Ben at 16:21
After yesterday's movie news that might actually happen, here's some that very probably wont.

Scott Derrickson, who directed the 50% good Sinister but also Hellraiser: Inferno has been lined up to write and direct a film based on the excellent Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Human Revolution is one of those games that has no hope whatsoever of working as a film (imho). The world is great, I can see the appeal of that, but if you aren't involved, and if you don't spend the time building the plot, it's just a bad Bladerunner waiting to happen
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Posted by Ben at 17:25
I'm a big fan of Takashi Miike, I reviewed his Yakuza film, it's good but he lost control of the core plot.

Phoenix Wright shouldn't suffer the same fate given that it focuses on a number of cases. It certainly looks faithful to the game, although I can't help but feel like over stylised nature sits uneasy with film

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