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Posted by Ben at 02:08
... is coming soon!

Poor John Hardin, he's been doing his best to keep people updated wit the, ahem, "protracted" European release of Shin Megami Tensei IV, but it does seem that he's fighting against the current.

The latest news is that we should be hearing something concrete soon, like, the next couple of days soon

SMT IV EU status update: Things are looking good! We are waiting on a few confirmations and will have THE EXACT release date!

Confirmations hopefully by Friday, and we are still confident in October.

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Posted by Ben at 02:06
I've been walking around with this date in my head for weeks and I've no idea where I got it from, it was only last week I found out it wasn't common knowledge. I'm starting to wonder if, in a spate of cost-cutting measures, Nintendo are running their operations from inside my head. If so I'll be getting a redesign some time next year.

Anyway, Super Smash Bros U for WiiU releases on the 5th December

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Oct 03
Posted by Ben at 01:55

Hyrule Warriors is a game that carries a lot of 'if' with it. If you've played a Dynasty Warriors game before then you'll know what to expect. It's a novel take on the Zelda formula if you haven't played a Musou game before. If you like both franchises then you may well love Hyrule Warriors. And there's an enormous amount of content in the game, if you don't mind doing the same thing over and over.

The core gameplay of Hyrule Warriors doesn't really change. You start on a map with a small army behind you, and a huge number of enemies ahead of you. To increase your presence on the battlefield you can take over keeps, these are represented by square rooms on the mini map. Defeat enough enemies in the keep and the keep boss appears, defeat him and the keep is yours, producing soldiers for your army rather than the enemy. Sometimes this is core to beating the mission, other times its just for your own sake.

The keep bosses may not be up to much but there's plenty of enemies that require quite a bit more of you. These enemies play more like you and your compatriots, and in fact are either playable or soon will be with dlc. That means they can do a bit of damage to you, and while you can just mash away at them in an endless grind, the 'proper' way is to wait for them to leave themselves vulnerable, then whittle down their counter meter, launching a powerful combo attack.

Similarly there's enormous bosses for which you must use some of Link's iconic sub-weapons. Just got the bomb in the same area as a huge fire breathing boss? Well if this was a Zelda game that might be a hint. It's indicative that there has actually been some thought put in to Hyrule Warriors, dismissing it as simply a reskin is unfair.

Another nice touch is the alternative playable characters. Granted a couple of them are lost on me, but I had favourites to play as. The way the missions are structured means pretty much all of them get their chance in the spotlight, a smart move as they play just differently enough to bring some variety, as chances are left to your own devices youíd always play as Link. The changing of characters allows them to bring in more aspects to the story, develop a few key personalities and storylines, meaning the story isnít just rescuing the princess. In fact the story continues past the point youíd expect, feeling more like an epilogue by the end.

If thereís one thing you can say about Hyrule Warriors, and the Dynasty Warriors/Musou games in general, is that you get a lot of game for your money. Thereís the lengthy story mode, Free mode, plus an adventure mode where you must conquer tiles on a retro map by fulfilling conditions in mini levels. Itís a nice addition, but itís one that relies on one key factor; you wanting to keep playing the same Musou gameplay.

Hyrule Warriors doesnít ever look amazing, and thereís plenty of slowdown, more than youíd expect given the graphics (although there certainly is a lot on screen), but its biggest problem is always itself. The core gameplay is fine, but itís not much better than that, stages can last 20 minutes or more, and then thereís another one right after it thatís virtually the same. I quickly found doing more than one level a session a chore, despite quite liking the game, thereís just too much of the same thing.

Thereís something to be said for having a regard for the source material, I enjoyed Fist of the North Star: Kenís Rage more than it probably deserved simply because Fist of the North Star is one of mankindís greatest creations. While Iíve no animosity towards the Zelda franchise, I donít have the kind of reverence that some do. However, Hyrule Warriors will be too easily dismissed by some, thereís more to the game than simple button mashing, even if it never requires too much dexterity or thought.
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Posted by Ben at 05:46
We should be writing a review for Hyrule Warriors this coming week, so I'll save any thoughts on the game until then. I will say though that there's a decent amount of content in Hyrule Warriors, so long as you're down with the core concept at least.

If you are into what the game is then good news, Nintendo/ Tecmo Koei will be releasing some new playable characters for free. You'll be able to play as the bad guys Cia, Volga and Wizzro from the 16th October

There's more dlc planned, with a season pass up on the eshop (£13.49), it needs 1.6gb of space, which is a bit worrying for those of us with the 8gb WiiU. The paid dlc will include new scenarios, characters, costumes, and another map for the Adventure mode
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Posted by Ben at 14:14
Well, this trailer might have won me over a bit. I've only ever played the original Fatal Frame game, but I've a huge amount of respect for the series based on that one experience. They're very J-horror, and the mechanic of having to face your fear made Fatal Frame/Project Zero dread-inspiringly brilliant.

This new trailer for Fatal Frame 5 looks to not only nail the ghostly happenings, but also uses the WiiU gamepad exactly how you'd want

Let's hope Nintendo are desperate enough for content that this makes its way out of Japan

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Posted by Ben at 02:06
I've been looking forward to Shin Megami Tensei 4 for a while, as Europeans we've not had a lot of choice other than to look forward to it. Well good news, we get to look forward to it for a little longer as John Hardin, Atlus' PR Manager, has posted on Twitter that the European version is now delayed until October

I dare say the delay itself isn't an issue for most people, we've waited this long, more that it's gone from being up against Destiny, to being up against everything that isn't Destiny in October, we only have so much time

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Posted by Ben at 13:43
For some reason I thought this was old news, I think because I saw it on a retail site over the weekend.

Anyway, Fantasy Life, the 3DS RPG from Level 5, is getting a retail release on September 26th

In Fantasy Life you pick a job and play that role, for example playing as a miner, then play as a blacksmith, then a warrior, using the materials the miner found, crafted by the blacksmith to forge a weapon for the warrior.

The trailer is below, it looks like quite a charming little game

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Posted by Ben at 14:09
We've been waiting a while, but Atlus have confirmed that Shin Megami Tensei 4 will be coming to Europe in September.

There's no more exact date than that currently, but we do know it will cost £17.99 from the eshop (Ä20) as it's only available as a download. Hopefully this will be the Shin Megami game I actually manage to finish!

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Posted by Duane at 04:52
The highly anticipated (at least around these parts( 3DS spin-off for the Persona franchise, which combines the casts of both Persona 3 and Persona 4 has received a release date from Atlus.

The dungeon crawler will be available from November 25 2014, whilst it was previously confirmed that Europe will receive the game on November 28th. Atlus have also unveiled the games intro movie, which you can watch below.

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Jun 04
Posted by Ben at 17:26

A lot has been written about Microsoft's u-turn on the Kinect, and their u-turn on charging to access apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Internet Explorer. Add to that the change to their Games with Gold program, and they've made a few shifts in direction recently, and there's been a lot written about all of them.

Let me get a couple of things out of the way early; yes I am adding to the noise, albeit a week or two late, and I think all these changes are good things. I'm not going to pretend that I'm any fan of the way Microsoft have gone about this generation, the DRM stuff was a farce, a history that has been rewritten and white washed by its supporters, and one I am a long way away from forgetting. I fell away from the 360 last generation, I'm fine with that, and it wasn't with any animosity. I liked Gears of War, but I didn't love it, and very few of their other exclusives really appealed to me. There was a time that the 360 was my HD console of choice, but with us generally getting PS3 copies of games to review, my lack of a Gold subscription, and the PS3 library fitting closer to my tastes (with the likes of Yakuza, Flower and Ni No Kuni), it was a natural drift from one console to another, in the same way I'd started the generation on the Wii, and ended it very much as a PC gamer.

Still, the always online requirement angered me, I've never liked the idea of apps being hidden behind Gold, and have made fun of the ancient, if good, selection for the Games With Gold program. The only one I was largely indifferent to was Kinect, but that's because my experience with it is quite limited, certainly the extended use I have had with it hasn't won me over, in so much as the voice stuff barely worked, nor did the gesture stuff at the OS level.But I want to be clear, I think all these changes are for the best, for gamers at least, I think that being able to drop the price of the Xbox One is a good thing for Microsoft, but they are now a less powerful PS4 thanks to their USP being removed with Kinect.

The conventional wisdom is that these changes, that the Xbox One has gone from an always online, DRM heavy, always watching, always listening media hub, to a gaming machine that doesn't have proper media support anywhere except the States, is all down to competition. That we NEED competition. That a lack of competition is a very bad thing for the industry. I'm not sure that's true. People make the mistake of thinking that the competition we need is an equal one, 3 console manufacturers all taking roughly the same amount of market share. It's notable that no one has been making this case with the WiiU taking a beating, but let's ignore that for the minute. We had equal competition last generation, near enough anyway. The PS3 and the 360 will end their lives at around 80 million consoles sold, and that was for the best for everyone. Here's a list of notable things that sprung up last generation (ish). We have to pay for online access, on the Xbox apps were locked behind the Gold paywall, DLC became prevalent, on-disc dlc was commonplace. The RRP for games became £54.99, there's in-app purchases, there's in-app purchases in £54.99 price point games. There was Day 1 dlc, games released broken needing to be patched, there was day 1 patches. There was pre-order bonuses, retailer exclusive pre-order bonuses, 3rd party account systems, 3rd party account systems that would lock you out of your game if they had a problem with their servers (hello Uplay and Rockstar Social Club). Then you've got the topical, thanks to Nintendo of all companies, trend of online servers getting shutdown, meaning you can never play that game online again, and in some cases, just never be able to play it again at all.

So much for competition. You know what was a great generation, the PS2 generation. The PS2 wiped the floor with everything, I'd have to check but I think it's the best selling home console of all time, and still had a games being released for it this year in the UK (PES 2014). In the lifespan of the PS2 we had the Dreamcast, with its free online with a free web browser and online play, and a host of outstanding games. We had the Xbox, which for better or worse shaped the console landscape by bringing over more western PC style games. Then we had the Gamecube, just this week I saw a host of people declaring the Gamecube as a great machine with a host of great games that they couldn't wait to play if the Gamecube does come to the WiiU Virtual Console.

At the peak of equal competition between the console manufacturers Microsoft were about to take your ownership of your own retail games away from you. They forced Kinect and dumped the cost on consumers. They locked apps behind a paywall, and had only just made the faltering first steps at competing with the PS+ service. Microsoft taking a kicking was a good thing for the industry, a very good thing. That they've reversed just about every bad decision they made was down to consumers voting with their wallets against them in a huge way. Nintendo's scrambling, trying to make the WiiU worth buying and spark some vitality in to the 3DS is because they're desperate, then need to claw back consumers.

If you want a healthy games industry you want people fighting for their lives.
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