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Posted by Mark at 14:55
As part of Scotland Loves Anime.

If you fancy subjecting yourself to two of the three CGI Resident Evil films, you'll soon be able to do so on the big screen.

Screening at The Edinburgh Filmhouse as part of the regular Edinburgh leg of the Scotland Loves Anime film festival, 2008's Resident Evil: Degeneration will be shown on the 18th of October at 8:45, and this year's Resident Evil: Vendetta the day after at 8:30.

When Ben reviewed it back in the Loading Screen days, he said
it's not exactly a classic, but it is fun and thatís all you can ask for. Definitely worth a watch
It's screening alongside classic anime films such as Tokyo Godfathers and Venus Wars as well as the more recent critical darlings Your Name and A Silent Voice, so may be worth a look if you're already in town.

As the Glasgow films are yet to be announced, it's not known if the Resi films are going to be shown there as well.
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Hybrid Edition

Posted by Mark at 16:30

The main game I've been playing lately is The Evil Within, a game helmed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and pushed as a return to that series' roots after it- and the horror genre generally- diverged after its fourth installment.

In truth, it winds up being a strange halfway house, where attempts to resurrect mechanics from the older games fail to gel properly with newer ones.

One immediately obvious example is where the game has attempted to reproduce something similar to the typewriter save points, this time utilizing a cracked mirror to transport you back to a asylum, which is where the save point proper lives.

However, unlike the small open world of Resi's mansion, The Evil Within takes place in what boils down to a series of one-way linear Gears of War-style shooting galleries, which come complete with automatic checkpoints, making the manual save points functionally redundant.

It also tries to pull the ammo scarcity trick as well, but achieves this by limiting the amount you're able to carry- leading to frustration as you have to leave bullets behind that you're unable to pick up, only to run out when you turn the next corner and unable to backtrack to pick up what you've left behind.

The absence of the magic chest that usually accompanied the typewriter means it's not even possible to hoard the stuff you don't need and pick it up later.

The game does attempt to approach the issue by dotting macguffins around the game- keys to unlock lockers in the asylum and green gel to upgrade stats like ammo capacity, covering the issue of ammo supply and giving the player a reason to return to the asylum beyond the occasional time the plot brings you back there- but this is papering over the cracks rather than truly integrating the old mechanics with the new.
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Posted by Duane at 03:17
Rather alot of indie games have spent the past number of years appealing to gamers by using "retro" graphics, i.e. everything has used pixels for a long long time now, many claiming they're "8-bit" (even though their far too polished for that, and whilst I definetly grew up playing NES and Master System titles and then later SNES and Mega Drive, I truly got into gaming with the advent of polygon based games courtest of SEGA's Saturn and Sony's PlayStation.

So I'm kind of interested in "Back in 1995", a adventure/horror games by Throw the Warped Code Out, that is being released on Steam later this week, watch the trailer below and you may just agree with me that it has an air of Resident Evil about it (minus the zombies... thus far anyway).

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Posted by Mark at 08:34
Some of you may be aware of Mamoru Samuragochi, who rose to fame as a result of composing the music for Resident Evil and Onimusha- but i's just come out that he'd been paying someone else to do it all along.

Samuragochi lost his hearing at 35 but claimed to use his "Perfect pitch" to continue composing, when in fact it was coming from another, currently anonymous composer.

The musician actually reponsible has been fingered by Japanese press as Aragaki Takashi, a music teacher, although this hasn't been confirmed.

There's more (about the same amount) at the BBC.
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Posted by Ben at 12:20
I remember when Resident Evil 4 came out, I imported the American version of the game for my Gamecube because I didn't want to wait any longer. Had I known quite how many opportunities I would get to play the game I maybe wouldn't have rushed.

The HD version of Resident Evil 4 that came to PS3 and 360 a couple of years ago is getting both a boxed and Steam release, with preorders getting a bonus art book and digital album. It's £15 on Steam, and is out 28th February

Not to be too cynical, but with the recent trend of Japanese PC ports disappointing I'm slightly wary that this won't be all it could be. That said the promise of 60 fps is a comforting to hear.

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Posted by Ben at 11:50
We posted about this ages ago, but Capcom have now confirmed that Resident Evil Revelations will be coming to PS3, 360, PC and WiiU on May 24th.

The non-3DS version will be called Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition and will include additional content such as a new enemy, an extra difficulty mode and improvements to Raid Mode such as new weapons, skill sets and the opportunity to play as Hunk and other characters from the series.

I only played the one Resident Evil game last year, Revelations, but I'm willing to stick my neck out and say that it was the best Resident Evil game released last year (unless you're counting the RE4 port). It's genuinely good, and while I'd like it to have sold well enough to encourage 3rd parties to produce games for the 3DS, I'm also pleased that more people will get a chance to play it. From what I can tell it looks like the graphics have had a bit of touch up work on them too, not that it looked bad on a 3DS

One more thing, given that it's coming to just about everything, bit harsh there isn't a Vita version
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Posted by Ben at 12:52
CVG are reporting that the excellent Resident Evil Revelations looks set to be making the jump from 3DS to PS3 and 360

There's a listing on the Korean ratings board's website that has triggered the speculation, and for what it's worth I think it would be a pretty smart move by Capcom.

Resident Evil Revelations was great, definitely worth picking up if you have a 3DS even though the last boss is awful. I'd stop short of saying that it's similar to the old games, but it is slower and more deliberate. Basically it sits somewhere between the old Resident Evil games and Resident Evil 4.

I'm not entirely convinced it will work as well on a home console, it might feel a bit sparse, and the tricks that get the game running on 3DS might become too apparent. It's also kind of sad to see one of the best reasons to own a 3DS go multiplatform, but given that Revelations is a better game than 5 (and 6 from what I'm told) I'd be happy if more people got to play it
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Posted by Ben at 06:01

With the release of Resident Evil Damnation we can now confirm that thereís 2 Resident Evil film franchises on the go; the live action Milla Jovovich ones, and these CG efforts. While the live action films often get criticised for not staying true to the source, Resident Evil Degeneration, and this new film Damnation, do a much better job of capturing the feel of the games.

Thatís not to say they nail it, granted Iím not the worlds foremost knowledge of Resident Evil, but I was under the impression that once someone turned in to a zombie, or a Las Plagas zombie, that was kind of it, Damnation shows that they can be back and chatting away a minute later. Iím not even sure if one of the key plot points is possible in the Resident Evil fiction, controlling Lickers by injecting yourself with the Plagas parasite.

To the plot then, a former Soviet country is suffering a power struggle, with a former military leader claiming power and exerting influence on other political leaders. The people fight back, with rebel factions and government forces becoming embroiled in a civil war, and itís not long until BOWs start being used. Which is why Leon is called in, although thanks to the political sensitivity of the region heís on his own, with neither the U.S. nor Russia wanting to get involved.

To be honest most of that you can just forget, all you need to know is that the rebels are fighting the government and thereís zombies. Leon makes a friend, which gives him a reason to care about whatís going on, but really thereís no reason for him to help the rebels, especially as all the evidence suggests that theyíre the only ones using BOWs (although that does change).

It took me a while to place what Resident Evil Damnation reminded me of, itís very Japanese in its structure. It focuses on relationships, quickly formed, but strong enough that it gives the hero a motivation for the back half of the film. Damnation is every Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Pokemon spin-off film you will ever see. One thing it also shares with Pokemon (Pokemon Black I think it is) is the moral ambiguity of the factions, itís commendable that the rebels arenít wholly good, in fact whatever their motivations their actions are indefensible.

Beyond that though itís hard to praise the plot too much, it doesnít feel particularly important, possibly because the main character isnít really a part of it. Even the characters feel incidental, you donít care when people die, you arenít really routing for anyone other than Leon and you know heís going to be fine. The script is particularly clunky, probably due to a too literal translation from Japanese (anyone whoís watched a significant amount of anime will know what I mean).

If Damnation is going to be worth a watch then it has to come from what youíre seeing, and the film certainly looks great. Itís not jaw-dropping or anything, but in comparison to Degeneration itís a huge improvement, and the characters are well animated. Where itís let down though is that the action isnít really showy enough. It starts well, the underground car-park scene is relatively tense and adds some mystery, but itís not until Leon is sprinting down an opulent hall in the back half of the film that I can offer that praise again. Iím not entirely sure what the problem is other than to say that thereís a lack of punch and peril.

Iím not sure where Iíd place Damnation amongst the gaming films Iíve reviewed, itís certainly not a bad film but at no point does it really do anything of note. When the biggest crime a film commits is cringe-worthy puns and shoehorned characters you canít really damn it too harshly. And with that being said Iíd recommend Resident Evil Damnation to RE fans, itís less annoying than the first animated film, and closer to the games than any of the live action films, but itís not something you need to rush to watch.
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Posted by Mark at 12:14
And a valid question it is.

Games designer Tadhg Kelly queries at a certain length as to why British-developed games lack any obviously British character.

In particular, he draws comparisons between Japanese games such as Metal Gear Solid or Resident Evil which reflect America through a Japanese lens, and British games like Operation Flashpoint: Red River, which- to his eyes- reflect "just" America, as opposed to a British take on the country.

It's worth a read, particularly as Kelly ends the piece by pointing out that while the hard-won Tax Breaks may well help the British games industry short term, it may be better served by finding- and using- its identity.

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Posted by Ben at 05:13
Progress, lovely progress. I've not played a huge amount but I have made some progress in to Resident Evil Revelations

I think last time I posted I'd just beaten a boss, and I've not long since beaten another one. The first one requires you to shoot and move, throw all your ammo at it. The 2nd one is a tenser affair, I wont go in to detail but it should put to rest the suspicions that you can't do creepy on a handheld.

There are a few problems starting to creep in though, firstly the map(s). The bottom screen of your 3DS is your local map, but it's not zoomed out enough, so it's hard to tell when you get to a fork if one option is just a single room to explore or whether it's a long winding correct path. Similarly there's an icon that tells you where you're aiming for, only unless you're right next to it you can't see it. You can see it on the 2nd world map, but it doesn't really indicate a path to it, at best it just tells you you're on the right floor.

I'm still really enjoying it, well the water section I've just done less so, but hopefully I'm about to be done with that
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