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Twin stick style shooters are still a fairly niche style of game, and really it'd be fair to say that Bizarre Creation's Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 has got things completely wrapped up. That doesn't mean its not worth a try and we've seen some mild evolutions in the genre in the past few months with the return of Alien Breed from Team 17's archives, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Alien Swarm there's seemingly a market out there for slightly less old-skool style approaches to the genre.

Alien Breed 2: Assault is another offering from Team17 and is very old fashioned in its playing style. Fans of the series will be pleased that it feels like, despite the Unreal Engine 3 powered visuals, you have been transported back to 1992 to blast aliens in a confined, claustrophic and dark ruined space ship.The games location, the Leopold, feels both small and somehow large all at the same time, with the feeling increased by aliens popping out of air ducts and ruined control panels, you're never quite sure whats going to be around the next corner.

All this sounds good, but the thing is it just lacks atmosphere and feels too by the numbers. Its a nice playable, enjoyable title but ultimately pales in comparison to Valve's Alien Swarm, which oozes atmosphere and tension, Alien Breed 2: Assault ultimately feels like a stroll through an abandoned ship, picking up health packs, key cards and shooting dark creatures that are hiding in the dark corners and dark air ducts. There's nothing particularly wrong here, its just not particularly inspiring but can be entertaining for a brief blast through with a friend.
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Here at bitparade we like to support our affiliates as best as we can, and what better way than to tell you of Radio Ninty's latest podcast.

After enjoying the latest instalment of Team 17's Worms series on Nintendo DS, Radio Ninty managed to get an interview with the guys who developed the DS version, Two Tribes.

Anyway, hit the Radio Ninty button over on the left to get to their website to hear the interview (and a little bit of Stuart and Centy waffling about DS Homebrew and Zelda Four Swords).

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